Dear Teacher:

Field trips to Washington, D.C. are among the most popular if stressful events of the school year requiring a great deal of advance planning, a good deal of hard-earned money, trust and, at times, just good fortune. Co-founders of Washington Insider Tours (WIT) Tim Flowers and John Stein cannot align you with good fortune but can serve as trusted agents, locally in Washington, D.C., where it counts.

Decades of experience help smooth the way for the event of the year, minus the  Tums. Our deep history of superb package tours focuses on superior service, safety, and value. Eye for detail, sound judgment, and blemish-free record of accomplishment often garners WIT the moniker: Washington's best kept secret. Our school clients visit us year in and year out as testimony to a job well done.

Each tour season we work with a select group of schools limiting our workload to preserve essential quality of service and the art of getting it right, which has become maddeningly wrong in an era of ubiquitous connectivity and resultant stampede for scarce online reservations vital to the success of an unequalled field trip. Everyone thinks they're a tour operator nowadays whether broadcasting from a cafe in Alaska or, as it should be, blocks from the White House *yours truly*: Caveat emptor, dear teacher.

Should you enjoy working with a couple of decent fellows, with no drama and sound guidance to provide, please give us a call; we actually answer the phone.


Tim Flowers and John Stein (Group Tour Specialists)

Washington Insider Tours

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